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Welcome to Sage Auto Wraps,THE PLACE for innovative design in car wraps & auto styling on Florida’s West Coast. We’re recognized throughout the region as the premier provider for car enthusiasts seeking to elevate their vehicle’s aesthetics and we are ready to help you achieve your goals.

Whether you’re looking to conceal imperfections or damage or simply seeking a fresh look for your ride, we’ve got you covered. Our professionally trained installers used only the finest film and our attention to detail is unmatched.

When you invest with Sage Auto Wraps, you can be confident you’ll receive professional results that exceed expectations.

SAGE VINYL Red on black car wrap process

Benefits of Car Wraps:

Protects your original paint from scratches, chips, and UV damage, while allowing for easy removal without fear of damage.

Provides an opportunity to customize your vehicle’s appearance with unique colors, patterns, or designs that express your personality and style.

Potentially enhances your resale value by preserving the underlying paint while also offering a fresh, well maintained look.

Simply put, a professional wrap offers protection, customization, and potential value appreciation for your prized investment, all in one convenient solution.
SAGE VINYL Red on black auto wrap process
McLaren luxury car wrap

Full Body Wraps

Update Your Look

If you’re looking for a sleek, customizable solution that protects your vehicle’s paint while also adding a unique appearance, a Full Body Wrap delivers.

Ready to refresh your ride’s appearance and protect it from daily wear and tear?
Contact us for a quote today!

McLaren luxury car wrap
Livery car wrap

Livery Vinyl Wraps

Update Your Look

Want to give a hat tip to a favorite race team? We’ve got you covered. Eager to sport a custom look? Our design team is ready to help. Our high-quality Livery Vinyl Wraps transform everyday vehicles into stunning works of art.

Our Livery Vinyl Car Wraps offer owners a classy approach to personal expression or 
corporate branding while at the same time providing protection for the vehicle’s original paint. Each design is custom tailored to the client’s vision and rendered with the focus on precision and attention to detail on which our reputation is built.

Interested in transforming your daily driver into a showstopper? Get in touch and let’s discuss.


Caliper Wraps

Update Your Look

Adding a pop of color to your car’s brake calipers is a quick and easy way to transform your vehicle’s appearance.

Perhaps you’re looking for a color that complements your vehicle’s exterior or maybe you’d like to draw attention to a special wheel. Whatever your aims, if you’re ready to find a customizable solution that takes your car’s look to new heights, contact us today!

vinyl color caliper wrap Lamborghini
caliper car wrap ideas neon green
car wrap stripes


Update Your Look

A few, well placed stripes can transform a vehicle’s appearance, adding a sporty and dynamic flair that takes your ride from mild to wild.

Whether you’re looking to accentuate the lines of your vehicle or add a subtle touch of style, stripe car wraps offer a versatile and customizable solution to elevate your car’s look.

A bonus: because we offer precision installation and high-quality material, these vinyl strips not only enhance your vehicle’s appearance but also provide an extra layer of protection against scratches and minor damage.

Eager to dial up your car’s desirability factor? Contact us today to inquire about potential stripe solutions.

car wrap blue stripes - vinyl wrap
commercial vehicle wrap

Vinyl For Commercial Vehicles.

Update Your Look

Searching for a way to maximize your brand? On the hunt for a clever way to enhance your business’s visibility? Our Commercial Vinyl Wraps offer unmatched versatility with the bonus of durable paint protection.

Why choose between style and savings when you can have both? Reach out today to 
see how a wrap can amplify your advertising message.

commercial vehicle wrap - vinyl wraps
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