Vinyl Brands

highest rated car studio in florida

Vinyl Brands

highest rated car studio in florida


Professional Grade Vinyl

INOZETEK car wrap brand Logo Black


Built by professionals for professionals. Our vinyl is thicker & superior to other vinyls. We offer a premium & longer lasting solution for vehicles.

INOZETEK Papaya Orange supergloss vehicle vinyl car wrap brand

super gloss & Metalic

Fresh paint-like gloss that's extremely durable. Ideal for long-term fleet & motorsport. Provides a lightweight, economical alternative to paint.

INOZETEK olive greensupergloss vehicle vinyl car wrap brand


A line of premium vinyl films. Engineered to offer an unmatched combination of superior gloss & pearlescent effects, providing a unique and luxurious appearance.

INOZETEK metallic spectrum vinyl car wrap brand

Limited Edition

Limited edition is first come, first serve. Once it's gone, it's gone for good. Headquarters will be stocking a heavy partial size roll inventory for repair work/material shortage.

Avery Dennison car wrap brand logo black

Avery Dennison

Avery Dennison™ Supreme 900 films are designed for a long life and durability.

Avery Dennison car wrap brand gloss metallic

Avery Dennison

Gloss color wraps can last up to ten years.

Avery Dennison car wrap brand matte & chrome

Matte & Chrome

Metallic wraps have a durability of up to five years and black or white wraps remain color fast for up to 12 years.

Avery Dennison car wrap brand special fx colorglow

Special Effects

Specialty finishes have a shorter lifespan due to their unique look.

3M car wrap brand logo

3M Films

Gloss colors feature a protective film layer. 60-inch-wide rolls allow for wrapping almost any vehicle section without seams.

3M car wrap brand colors

Series 2080

3M™ Wrap Film Series 2080 is developed specifically for vehicle personalization from accents to full vehicle wraps.

3M car wrap brand colors series 2080

Series 2080

Optimized adhesive provides an exceptional installation experience. Nearly 100 colors, patterns and textures include gloss and high gloss

3M car wrap brand colors series 2080 metallic

Series 2080

Adhesive features updated 3M™ Comply™ technology with non-visible air release channels for bubble-free application*

APA car wrap brand logo

APA Films

APA America is a family-owned business that has been designing and developing self-adhesive films since 1978. Considered high-quality, their films are resistant to light abrasion & can be printed with UV and latex inks.

APA car wrap brand gloss colors

Gloss Colors

For a timeless finish on your vehicle, APA glossy wrap films! will give your car a fresh, clean look that lasts. These elite wraps come in popular colors like Gloss Metallic Voodoo, Gloss Rainstorm Gray, and Gloss Yellow.

APA car wrap brand metallic colors

Matte Colors

APA America features a selection of matte film wraps that offer a sleek, professional look with minimal shine. Popular colors include Matte Solid Red, Ultramatte Gray, and Matte Metallic Midnight Blue.

APA car wrap brand 3D effects carbon fiber black

3D Effects & Prints

For a dynamic upgrade, 3-D effects & print vinyl wraps from APA makes your vehicle stand out. Top picks include Gloss Metallic Dead Red, Gloss Metallic Billionaire Green, and Carbon Fiber.

PWF car wrap brand logo

PWF Films

PWF stands out for those seeking unique colors and high-quality wraps.Their Exclusive Line and Limited Edition films are only available through select, licensed shops.

PWF car wrap brand makala blue standard line

Standard Line

Great colors, exciting pigments & various effects – even our Standard Line packs a punch, making every vehicle the center of attention.

PWF car wrap brand black opalus standard line

Exclusive Line

Stunning colors & unique effects will elevate your car to a new level. This exclusive line comes in a wide range of exciting options.

PWF car wrap brand purple haze limited edition

Limited Edition

Only a certain number of rolls will be produced of these exceptional colors. A trophy with the corresponding roll number is also included – uniqueness in perfection!

flexisheild car wrap brand logo

Flexishield Films

Virtually invisible to the naked eye, FlexiShield will seal and protect the outer surfaces of any type of vehicle against scratches and damage caused by road hazards like gravel, stones or flying debris.

flexisheild car wrap brand high glitter champagne

High Glitter

Due to thermoplastic polyurethane utilized in its coating, FlexiShield’s paint protection film can self-heal, providing your vehicle with an always-clean appearance.

flexisheild car wrap brand galaxy color flip

Color Flip

FlexiShield Color Change Paint Protection Film combines the ability to transform the look of your vehicle & protect it from external abrasions at the same time.

flexisheild car wrap brand oil slick

Special Styles

FlexiShield contains technology called polyurethane dispersion that resists stains from solvents that come in contact with the wrap’s hydrophobic surface.